Workshops & Classes


The Reconnect & Communion:  What is the meaning of life? Why I am here? What is my purpose? Who is my creator? Are we all one? A deeper dive into the connection between spiritual and physical practice. This workshop will challenge you to probe and define questions of your life.
Be and Connect (2 hrs) : Presence and body language.

Presence- personal appearance or bearing, especially of a dignified or imposing kind(dictionary .com)

How do you show up in this world? Are you experiencing life in every moment?

Intention (2 hrs): Refining what it means to be intentional. Your life is what you say it is. Speak your truth , and Embody it .  This workshop will help you open the doors for personal integrity and accountability.

Meditation for Busy AF people:  Are you busy AF and looking to create moments of peace throughout the day?  If yes then this is the workshop for you. * Can be delivered online

Trapyasa 101 (60 min) : Never taken a yoga class, wanting to check out yoga but nervous then this is your CLASS. If you primarily practice at home and want to  pick a yoga teachers brain this is your class. Focused on fundamentals of yoga poses, inquiry and meditation. Your body is perfect ! Your yoga is perfect ! This class is a great for being in the sandbox of yoga

Trapyasa I( 60 min) : All levels welcome class. Great mix of Trap Music, Inquiry and Meditation.

Trapyasa II (75 min):All levels welcome class. Great mix of Trap Music, Inquiry and Meditation.

TRAPYASA R&R (60 min):  The Refresh and Reset: The mid deep stretch and meditation to recharge for the week. Slow paced class reminds you to take life one day at a time.  Trapyasa R&R mainly features R&B ( inquiry, yoga ,& meditation)