cassie yoga

Cassie is an yoga teacher living in “ The South” and traveling everywhere.  With connection as the ultimate goal and yoga as tool she intertwines Trap Music and Vinyasa Yoga to meet you exactly where you are on the mat.  Her purpose is to create safe spaces where anyone can connect to themselves and their creator. Cassie created Trap Vinyasa Trapyasa for any BOBY to access a personal revolution. Cassie is on the path of becoming a Baptiste Tier 1 instructor by 2019.


“I started yoga in 2016 as way to have more tools to deal with life.  One class lead to a second. It was a slow start , and challenged every previous definition i had of myself. The classes helped me realize that everything was up for redefinition and I am 100% accountable for the life that I live. Classes led to teacher training and figuring out that my purpose in this life is connecting people to their bodies and their creator.”


Cassie Training’s Include:

Yoga Teacher Training- 200 hrs

Yoga Leadership Training- 200 hrs

Baptiste Level 1 – 96hrs

Art of Assisting- 15 hrs


“Your body is perfect. Your yoga is perfect. There is no way you can fail at life or yoga.” – Cassie


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